Friday, August 20, 2010

Imperial Romans progress

Spent a fair bit of time today finishing off the Imperial Romans.  Again, it's quick and messy painting but I just wanted to get them to the point where they are all painted and based.  I can tidy them up later on.

Here are some better shots of them.  As usual, click to embiggen.  Oh, and see the hills in the background?  I made them today.  They were a bit of an experiment and didn't work out quite how I would have liked but they are certainly nice looking and useable.


Psiloi and Auxilia
Cavalry and Light Horse
Imperial Roman Army


  1. nice painting of your army, just wondering why one of your Bds are 3 instead of 4 miniatures? you have lost some fig or the rule list allowed that option 3Bd? your lh its nice too, although i would have ad shields make them equites illyricanii! but thatsb my opinion!
    petros K.

  2. Yes, the Middle Imperial Roman list (which is the one I painted this army for) has 3x4Bd and 1x3Bd. It's on a deeper base because of this, which you probably noticed in my game reports.

    And I took the oval shields from the cavalry and gave them to the legionary figures to make my Ax.

    I got a whole MIR army from 1 box of Warlord Games Legionaries and 1 box of Wargames Factory Auxiliary Roman Cavalry!