Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gepids ahoy!

Unfortunately I have a tendency to make impulsive purchases on ebay while procrastinating from my work.  So as of last night I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of some dice marked with Roman numerals:
It annoys me that the II isn't on the opposite face to the V.  How nerdy is that?
 I also bought a whole new army (!!!).  I bought some Germanic warband figures and some Germanic cavalry.  At this stage the plan is to make a Gepid army (II/71) and I should have enough infantry left over to be able to morph it into a few different barbarian armies.  I was seriously considering making a Galatian army because I like chariots and scythed chariots look even better, but painting Germanic figures looks a bit easier than celts so I'll do that first.

They should arrive in a week or so, so when I've got some work done on them I'll throw some pictures up here.


  1. Now your talking a barbarian army to take on mine that should be a great contest!!!!I was thiking along the lines of a gothic army lots of Knights.Next after this will be a Late Imperial Roman army they have some good options especially the East. Go the barbarian fury though!!!!!!

  2. Yes, I need to get my hands on something suitable to scrape together a Patrician Roman list. That looks like fun. But then so do Persians, Carthaginians, Alans, Numidians...