Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gepids warband progress

Oh, and since I have the pictures here, this is where my Gepid Wb are up to:

Frothing loons

The things I need to finish up on them are:
  • do the faces and beards/hair properly
  • put silver rims on the shields
  • wash some brown/black into the rims of the shields
  • paint the backs of the shields
  • put some more stripes/checks on the clothes.  (The leftmost guy has stripy dacks on - I like it!)
The shield decorations are probably grossly ahistorical but I just wanted something colourful and easy to paint.  Now on to the Knights!


  1. They look great. Any chance of a closer pic?

    When are we going to see more minis of the hyper-violent, power armoured variety?

  2. Hmm, blogger seems to have changed the way it handles pictures. You used to be able to click on them and get the full sized version, but not anymore. That makes me sad.

    Hyper-violent, power-armoured minis? Good sir, I know not of what you speak. But rest assured if I do touch brush to one, I will put a picture of it here. Probably some time in December I think.